Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be doingtheir own bookkeeping.

The Birth OfBookkeeping 2.0

Bookkeeping is frustrating and time consuming, but it’s not rocket science.  

Small Business Bookkeeping is simply organizing transactions properly so you know where your revenue is coming from, where your money is being spent and what taxes need to be remitted.

But the bookkeeping industry is conservative and slow to modernize, and other than the addition of calculators and spreadsheets, most bookkeepers still do bookkeeping just like it was done 100 years ago.  

Quality bookkeeping is expensive because it’s very labor intensive due to the old fashion tools bookkeepers still use.

Unfortunately Small Business owners are the most affected by these outdated bookkeeping tools and not so easy do it yourself bookkeeping software. Unless the small business can afford an expensive accountant or bookkeeper, the entrepreneur is forced to spend long late hours managing their bookkeeping, instead of focusing on growing their business or enjoying time with their family.

Better accounting software is not what small business owners wanted. Entrepreneurs just want to be able to quickly hand off their bookkeeping to someone they trust, and not have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to get their bookkeeping done.

So in 2013 OrangeEnvelope.ca was created to modernize the bookkeeping industry and become the largest small business bookkeeper in Canada.

The founding members of the OrangeEnvelope.ca team have worked side-by-side for years, most recently re-inventing the Do-It-Yourself website building industry by actually making it easy for entrepreneurs to build a website themselves.

By making it easy, our customer base grew to tens of thousands of customers with over 1 million business websites created on our technology.  And along the way winning a number of awards and recognition for our work.


We are using this experience to modernize bookkeeping, making OrangeEnvelope.ca the easiest way for small business owner to get their bookkeeping done – right.

The bookkeepers on our bookkeeping team love bookkeeping and helping small business owners.  By automating 90% of the bookkeepers manual tasks, their time is freed up to focus on helping you and to ensure everything is done just right.

Enough about us, we would rather learn how we can help you.

Whether you need to catch up on 1 month or or 1+ years of bookkeeping, we can help.

It’s easy to get started.  

Sign up now and we will send you your first envelope.  Once you get it, simply fill it up with your receipts and send it to us. That’s it, we’ll take care of the rest.

Let OrangeEnvelope.ca take care of your bookkeeping, so you can take bookkeeping off your to do list.

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